The tourism economy: international authorities are taking action

Since the advent of the Corona virus pandemic all sectors of activity have experienced a major slowdown. Among these sectors we have tourism, which hardly exists any more. For the time being, the authorities are taking steps to resolve the current situation if possible.

How to turn around the tourism economy?

First of all, it is necessary to lift the travel restriction and impose a certain number of standards on tourism stakeholders to avoid the spread of COVID-19. But first, there is already a support program for players in this sector.
There will also be a campaign to reassure visitors of the applications and tools put in place to prevent the contagion of visitors by disease. The promotion of tourism within the OECD, because the member countries of the organization have a high tourism potential. Put in place policies to encourage investment in the sector and also encourage innovation.

Projecting the future!

Tourism as we know it and as we have known it in the past may not exist for quite a while. Corona virus has really affected this industry, like everyone else. For the smooth running of the activities, when the resumption of the tourist activities, the small companies, the public authorities will have to work together, because tourism considerably increases the GDP. But when it comes to seeing the bright side of the current situation, today this crisis offers the opportunity to rethink the tourism sector and to really think about its future and above all to prepare for it.
Although the restrictive measures have been eased in recent months and a vaccine has finally been found to counter the pandemic, the tourism sector is struggling to catch its breath. And for good reason, people are necessarily no longer reassured at the idea of traveling.

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