Tourism in France: the desire of European travelers.

Travelers from other European countries are now demanding about what they want. These include the Germans, Spaniards, Dutch and Italians. And this does not have identical visions. This article gives you more details.

What the Germans Want

German travelers, once in France often present themselves as boomers in search of independence and connections. The majority of Germans who have expressed a desire to visit France fall in the age group of 50-64. These people with their various means are rather looking for vacation lodges to rent for the most part or independent hotels to stay. These vacationers prioritize beach stays for the large number, rest vacations which can be accompanied by sports and health maintenance. They still appreciate cultural stays.

The Italian point

This is a diaper with a huge thirst for authenticity. Note that it is Italians in the 35-49 age group who express the most desire to visit Macron’s country. They place particular emphasis on the accommodation they wish to have as independent middle class hotels. Just like the Germans, they love beach vacations. Their particularity is in the fact that they also like urban stays, cultural or even historical vacations.

The Dutch have some

From the youngest layer between 18-34 years old they are looking for comfort. They have often opted for seaside, urban stays and also cultural or sporting vacations. This rest time, they want to spend it in a luxury hotel or in a vacation home. They pay more attention to ecotourism activities and soft mobility
the Spaniards don't want more.
Situated in the 35-39 age bracket these are the young people who are fixed on the show. They are targeting accommodation in the countryside and also independent hotels. The majority are fond of stays by the sea, as well as cultural vacations. They often opt for interactions, meeting new people with a particular interest in low-emission activities.

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