Ecotourism: Discover the world differently!

If you are a lover of tourism and adventure, you probably know that it is an extremely rewarding activity. Today we bring you some even cooler, more exciting and more nature-friendly things. "Ecotourism" is a whole new experience that we are offering you. What is ecotourism? How is it different from green tourism or responsible tourism? To find out, just read on.

What is ecotourism?

Although little known, ecotourism is a concept that has existed for some 40 years. And yet its definition has only recently become known. Ecotourism simply means acting in the direction of sustainable development, the protection of the environment, the preservation of biodiversity, and the cultural resources of a region. For example, when you go ecotourism in a region you will take care to avoid throwing plastic bags into the environment. And when it comes to visiting a place, you will prefer a local guide. This will generate benefits for the host community. Opt for ecotourism while protecting the environment and respecting cultures when you travel or explore new regions.

What is the difference between ecotourism and responsible tourism or green tourism?

Ecotourism in its definition seems a bit similar to responsible tourism or green tourism. All three think about sustainable development, but in reality there is a difference between them. Ecotourism favors the conservation of natural environments. On the other hand, green and responsible tourism is much broader in its conception. When you travel to discover other greenery or nuances of flora elsewhere, but also the inhabitants, you are doing nature or green tourism.
There are several other types of tourism: ecological tourism, adventure tourism, etc.

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